Work with groups (under 18’s)
Whether you're looking for a half day activity or a week long programme here at Roxcool we will develop a tailormade package to meet your every need. Our programmes include a range of challenging adventure activities for Schools, youth groups and students which are aimed at team building, communication, trust,  personal development, problem solving and many more. Or you can simply let us give your group a fun time getting active in the "Great Outdoors" in and around the North East. For older age groups e.g. college & university we can provide more challenging adventure activities but with the same amount of care and support we show to all our groups. 
To reassure parents and organisers we hold the ALAS licence (Confirm on: Tel 029 2075 5715) for adventure activities and all the staff who work on our programmes are qualified or trained in the area they are programmed for.