What if I don’t have all the required equipment for one of the courses?

It is important to discuss your needs with ROXCOOL as essential safety equipment (e.g. Helmet) is available to hire (usually FOC).  This even goes for those attending a nationally recognised award course.

Is accommodation provided/arranged by ROXCOOL?

A lot of our courses are non residential so there would be no need to have accommodation, however, for those outside of the area or for our courses which are based in the Lake District or Scotland accommodation is required.  Customers will have the choice of organising their own or having it arranged by ROXCOOL.

Am I in safe hands?

Simply put YES!!!  All of the instructors/leaders working for ROXCOOL hold appropriate qualifications for the activity they are supervising and where possible highly experienced too.

What happens if the course is cancelled?

If this is the fault of ROXCOOL a full refund will be given to all customers on that particular course. Where possible an alternative date will be given, customers then have the choice as to whether they would like to accept or not.