Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing


As well as guiding candidates up some of the classic routes the programme can be tailor made to meet the needs of the participants, offering instruction in rope work, stance management, route finding and much more. Participants can expect a very intensive course with a staff to client ratio of 1:2, making for a very valuable learning experience. The course is usually based in the Lake District. The option to find your own accommodation is available, however, accommodation will be provided if required at a small cost.

If you have completed an induction at the wall or an introductory climbing course with ROXCOOL and want to experience the delights of climbing some of the classic multi-pitch routes of the Lake District, this is the course for you. Preferably candidates should have gained a little experience of climbing outdoors, are able to use a belay plate, belay and tie basic knots. Candidates should have a reasonable level of fitness as some of the climbing areas can take up to an hour to walk to and it's not unusual to be active for 10 hours + on at least one day. You must be a minimum 12 years old at the commencement of the course.


  • Course Length: Usually 2 days but shorter or longer programmes can be arranged
  • Staff Ratio: 1:2
  • Venue: Lake District
  • Cost: £200 (2days) minimum 2 people (Price not including accommodation)
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