Mountain Training - Mountain Leader Training & Assessment (Summer)

A Course for those wanting to lead People in the mountains of the UK and Ireland

The training course is based around the Mountain Leader syllabus and the particular needs of candidates. We will look at the practical skills and techniques required when leading groups hill walking and camping in the mountains of the UK including aspects of navigation, group management, supervision on steep ground, risk assessment and emergency use of the rope. Consideration of the weather, mountain rescue, the environment and other related topics will also be covered.
 The majority of the course is practically based, however, some is of a theoretical nature. At times you may find yourself outdoors in adverse weather and you should be prepared for this. There will be an overnight camp and night navigation exercise

Those who have completed a Hill and Moorland Leader Award or those who have extensive experience of walking in the high British Mountains
Mountain Training strictly requires that all students are registered prior to commencing the course. The Board will not recognise completion of the course by non-registered participants. Copies of the guidance notes are available from Mountain Training. Ensure your Dlog is complete and up to date. You will benefit most from the course if you are fit and have experience of using a map and compass in the mountain environment.

Mountain Training - Mountain Leader Award 
Please note Roxcool  run their courses under their own course providership as approved by the Mountain Training, further information can be found here: http://ww
  • Course Length:
    Training - 6 Days
    Assessment - 5 Days
  • Staff Ratio:
    Training - 1 instructor/trainer : 6 candidates 
    Assessment - 1 assessor : 4 Candidates
  • Venue: Based in the English Lake District
  • Cost: £480 (not including lunch or expedition food)
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